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These are the next international chess events, from self made chess players service
Jack - Just Another Chess Calendar.
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Welcome to La Mecca, the first real Encyclopedia of Chess on Internet.
In this site you find a lot of information about chess, chess players (images, biographies, ecc.), chess events (tournament tables), Elo lists and calculation, ECO codes and, of course, thousands of links to best chess sites all over the world.

Maurizio Mascheroni, maskeret

Who, When and Where
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Who is Who [Add]
A comprehensive guide to all major chess figures, with a lot of biographical data and images.

When and Where [Add]
A complete guide to all major chess events, with a lot of tournaments tables, news and images.

A guide to all major chess events, ordered by date.

Today in the history
What's happened today in the chess history?

JACK - Just Another Chess Calendar
Jack is an International Chess Calendar and it's a self made chess players service.
You can add/modify/delete chess events of every type (tournaments, congress, lessons, online event, and so on) and they will be immediately visible online!
Use of Jack is free for everyone!
JACK - Just Another Chess Calendar

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Welcome to Clink!, probably the greatest collection of chess links on the net. You can add your favourite chess site and suggest new categories.

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A speedy method to search in our links database.
Main categories:
Correspondence & Email
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Eco Codes
This is a list of more than 2,000 opening codes. You can easily search your favourite opening and also see the position diagram.
You can also download all openings codes.

Eco Codes Java Viewer
You can view all moves of each opening code with a fine Java interface.

Elo Calculator & Lists
With these pages you can calculate ELO rating for some countries. Please, send me ELO rules for your country: I'll create a page for you!

About this site
My name is Maurizio Mascheroni (nickname maskeret) and I'm an Italian chess player and tournaments director. I have made this site to help chess players all over the world. I hope you enjoy my work.
If you want to add or change the information about a player (for Who is Who section), you can compile this form.
If your site is linked by La Mecca you are a Member of Chess Encyclopedia. Congratulations!
Your support is greatly appreciated, and I hope you will link La Mecca on your site (I've also a page for banners exchange).
If you want, you can follow the instructions provided in the Members page.
For everything you can contact me. Thanks!

Members page
The instructions to provide a link to this site from your site, with some banners to download.

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Others sites of mine
L'Italia Scacchistica
The official site of the premier italian magazine.

Micio - Chess in Italy
The portal for all chess events in Italy.

Romagnoli Chess Shop
One of the best chess shop in Italy.


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