Yusupov, Artur Mayakovich
Birth Feb 13, 1960
Moskva, USSR.
Nationality USR - USSR
Titles GM - International Grandmaster

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Last update May 16, 1999
Biographical data
USSR player.
International Grandmaster, 1980.
International Master, 1977.
World Junior Champion, 1977.

by Bill Wall
In 1991 Grandmaster Yusupov was shot and seriously injured in a burglary attempt in Moscow.

Chess Career
1st Esbjerk 1980
1st Vrbas 1980
1st Yerevan zn 1982
1st Carthage 1985
1st equal interzonal Montpellier 1985
1986 won candidate match against Timman 6-3 for the cycle 1985-87
1986 lost candidate against A.Sokolov 7.5-6.5 for the cycle 1985-87
1988 won candidate match against Ehlvest 3.5-1.5 for the cycle 1988-1990 in Saint John
1989 won candidate match against Spragett 5-4 for the cycle 1988-1990 in Quebec
1989 lost the semi-final to Karpov in London 3.5-4.5 for the cycle 1988-1990
1990 won candidate match against Dolmatov 6.5-5.5 for the cycle 1991-1993
1991 won candidate match 4.5-3.5 against Ivanchuk for the cycle 1991-1993 in Bruxelles
1992 lost candidate match against Timman 4-6 for the cycle 1991-93
1st equal Amsterdam 1994
1994 lost against Anand 4.5-2.5 WC candidates match 3-5 in Wijk aan Zee

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