Winawer, Simon Abramowicz

Birth Mar 5, 1838
Warszawa, Poland.
Death Jan 12, 1920
Warszawa, Poland.
Nationality POL - Poland

Last update Apr 14, 2002
Biographical data
Polish player, merchant.

A short biography
by A.J. Goldsby I
Many players today feel Winawer was just a fish, not really a good player. Many associate this player with a variation of the French Defense, but know little else about him. Most players I have talked to do NOT think he was even a player of the Master level. This is so widespread that I take a few lines of space to address this problem. It is worth the time to read this and get to know just a little about the players.
Seymon A. Winawer - (1838 - 1920)
This is a Polish-Russian player of Jewish Heritage, (born in Warsaw, Poland; on March 5th, 1838); that most western players had never even heard of. Players of the tournament of Paris 1867, felt he had "dropped out of the sky" to share second place with Baron von Kolisch. He was to continually demonstrate - that in his best form - he could beat anybody!
He was also an original thinker, anticipating many of Nimzovich's ideas about the center, pawn structure, and piece play. He created many original ideas in the opening!
"He would be obviously rated in the 2600 to the 2730 rating range (at least!) if he were alive in the year 2001 and in the ranked in the world's top 15." - LM A.J. Goldsby I
"For the next 15 years Winawer stood among the World's best half-dozen players." - The Oxford Companion To Chess. (by David Hooper and Kenneth Whyld.)

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