Keres, Paul
Birth Jan 7, 1916
Narva, Estonia
Death Jun 5, 1975
Helsinki, Finland.
Nationality EST - Estonia
Titles GM - International Grandmaster
IJCOMP - International Judge of Chess Composition

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Last update Nov 9, 2000
Biographical data
Estonian player.
International Grandmaster, 1950.
International Judge of Chess Compositions, 1957.
USSR Champion, 1947, 1950, 1951.

by Bill Wall
Estonian Grandmaster. He participated in German tournaments during World War II. When the Red Army liberated the country, Soviet authorities planned initally to execute Keres. Botvinnik interceded by talking to Stalin and Keres was spared. In 1953 Paul Keres became the first sportsman of the year in chess in the Soviet Union. He was Estonian Sportsman of the Year in 1962. He never became world champion but defeated nine world champions in his career. When asked why he never became world champion, he replied: "I was unlucky, like my country." He had over 100,000 people at his funeral in Tallin, Estonia. The National Bank of Estonia issued a 5 krooni (5 crowns) note with a portrait of Paul Keres.

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