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Code:  12821
Name:  Ikaros Chess Festival 2010
Type:  Swiss
Beginning Date:  13-Jul-2010
Period:  90 min + 30 sec increment per move from move 1
City:  Aghios Kirykos, Ikaria island
Country:  Greece
Contact:  Mr. Ulysses Vazelakis
Internet Site:  http://www.chess.gr/ikaros
E-Mail:  ikaroschess@gmail.com
Information:  Ikaros Chess Festival 2010, is the 33rd edition of a traditional chess event that takes place every summer in the picturesque island of Ikaria, in Greece. Special conditions are offered to GMs/WGMs/IMs/WIMs.
This year the festival includes the 1st Mediterranean Team Rapid Tournament "Ikaros 2010" a tournament for 4-member teams from countries of the Mediterranean Sea.
Check our webpage for more info.

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