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Code:  12801
Name:  6th Knokke Open International Chess Tournament
Type:  Open
Beginning Date:  14-Aug-2008
Period:  14-15-16 and 17 August 2008
City:  knokke-heist
Country:  Belgium
Contact:  Jan Depla +325061325
Internet Site:  http://http://www.knokkeschaak.be/
E-Mail:  knokkeschaak@knokkeschaak.be
Information:  6th Knokke Open International Chess Tournament 14, 15, 16 en 17 augustus 2008. The Belgium Chess Club 'Cnoc is Ier' organised the Open International Chess Tournament since 1998. Players compete each other in 7 round Swiss system. (2 hours K.O). The tournament accredited by the Flemish Chess federation. It does not count toward ELO processing.
Prize money provided for a total amount of 2615 euro. The participants who win no money prize shall receive a gift price. The Belgium Chess Club 'Cnoc Is Ier' located at the coast city Knokke Belgium. e-mail: sk_knokke@hotmail.com or knokkeschaak@knokkeschaak.be

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