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Code:  12794
Name:  DESC-Open 2007
Type:  Correspondence Chess
Beginning Date:  01-Oct-2007
Period:  until 30-Sep-2008
City:  Correspondence Chess
Country:  Internet
Contact:  Hermann Brunner
Internet Site:  http://www.desc-online.de
E-Mail:  Hermann.Brunner@desc-online.de
Information:  German e-mail Corresponding Chessclub (DESC) invites everyone to join DESC's Open. Everyone can take part who can play chess, and can use an e-mail-system.

Please register per e-mail at Hermann.Brunner@desc-online.de until Sept. 20th 2007. It's a cost-free tournament, no one has to pay any fees.

Your registration has to include your name, first-name, e-mail-address, and even the remark Anmeldung zum DESC-Open 2007

The tournament starts at Oct. 1st 2007. Reflection-time will be 30 days per 10 moves, first time-exceed forfeits the game. Moves will be transmitted by e-mail in the well known pgn-format. During this pre-tounament, every player will have four or eight games in groups with five to nine players. The best three of them will reach next round.

Take part, have fun! You and even your friends will be welcome!

Best regards, Hermann Brunner


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