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Code:  12790
Name:  International Children`s Chess Games Vojvodina 2007
Type:  U-16
Beginning Date:  18-Aug-2007
Period:  From August 18 to August 26
City:  Novi Sad
Country:  Serbia Montenegro
Contact:  Phone: +381 21 301-000, Mobil: +381 64 813 9061
Internet Site:  http://www.childrenchessgamesns.org
E-Mail:  nschess2007@yahoo.com
Information:  Participation right: Right to participate has children from all countries of the world in teams with maximum of 6 players + one coach. All players must be under 16 years old (children born in 1991. and younger).
Accommodation: All participants will be settled in a hotel in Novi Sad on a full board basis.
Costs of accommodation:
Organizers will bear expenses of accommodation for the first 20 registered federations for 3 (three) players and 1 (one) coach.
System of competition: Swiss system, 9 rounds
Rate of play: 1 hour 30 minutes per each player for first 40 moves, with additional 30 minutes for the rest of the game
Total prize fond is 3.400 Euro.
4. Special prizes
Special gifts and rewards for all competitor. Also every child that takes part in this competition and has standing at the final tournament table will receive a present from organizer of tournament BB MINAQUA
All competitors are obliged to make official registration for participation till July 15th 2007.

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