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Code:  12788
Name:  http://www.mediteran2013.com
Type:  normal swiss
Beginning Date:  25-Nov-2007
Period:  Nov, 25 - Dec, 02 2007
City:  Rijeka
Country:  Croatia
Contact:  Srdjan Zelenika
Internet Site:  http://www.mediteran2013.com/en/default.asp
E-Mail:  club@sah-rijeka.hr
Information:  Through its title and players' objectives, the competition shows strong support to the new candidature of the city of Rijeka for the organization of Mediterranean games in 2013. From this support stems the title "Mediterranean 2013," chess with the scent of the sea.

System of play: Swiss / 9 rounds.
Tempo of play: 90 minutes per player + 30 extra seconds for each move played starting with the first.
The tournament will be registered with FIDE in order to assign the rating and title norms.

Awards fund: about 10 000 .
1st award 12 000,00 kunas
2nd award 8 000,00 kunas
3rd award 6 000,00 kunas

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