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Code:  12783
Name:  International Carinthian Chess Festival
Type:  swiss tournament
Beginning Date:  24-Jun-2007
Period:  01-Jul-2007
City:  Velden
Country:  Austria
Contact:  Mrs Aigner
Internet Site:  http://www.velden-open.at
E-Mail:  velden@woerthersee.com
Information:  Carinthian Chess Festival in Velden, Austria
Tournaments: A, B, C and seniors tournament
Price fund 14.800,-

Detailed information and registration:
Veldener Tourismus GmbH
A-9220 Velden
Mrs Aigner, Tel. + 43 (0) 4274 2103 16
email: velden@woerthersee.com
homepage www.velden-open.at

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