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Code:  12762
Name:  Midnight Sun Chess Challenge
Type:  open - 9 round swiss
Beginning Date:  24-Jun-2006
Period:  June 24th to July 2nd 2006
City:  Tromso
Country:  Norway
Internet Site:  http://www.midnightsunchess.org
E-Mail:  org@midnightsunchess.org
Information:  Nine round FIDE Swiss in nine days.
Minimum price fund: 11.500 Euro
- Round 1 Saturday June 24th at 5.00 PM,
- Round 2 trough 8 is played with one round a day between June 25th and July 1th each round starting at 1.00 PM.
- Round 9 Sunday July 2nd at 10.00 AM.
Rate of play will be 40 moves in 2 hours then 20 moves in 1 hour and 0,5 hour to finish.
Excellent chances of title norms and FIDE-ELO.
About 10 games will be transmitted live on the internet

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