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Code:  12696
Name:  Bethune International Open
Type:  Swiss Open
Beginning Date:  26-Dec-2004
Period:  from December 26 to December 30
City:  Bethune
Country:  France
Contact:  open@bethunechess.com
Internet Site:  http://www.bethunechess.com
E-Mail:  open@bethunechess.com
Information:  The Bethune chess club is celebrating his 25th International Open, room Olof Palme, Commercial centre La Rotonde, Bethune, France (Pas-de-Calais) from December 26 to 30. 7 rounds, the tournament is divided in 2 tournaments :
- Tournament A for players whose Elo rating is above or equal to 1600, 1st price : 1500 euros, Fischer pace 1h40+40s/move/40moves then 15min+30s/move to finish the game.
- Tournament B for players strictly below 1800, 1st price : 300 euros, pace : 40 moves in 2 hours then 1 hour KO.
Minimum 5500 euros of prices (8300 euros given in 2003), prices for Elo categories in both tournaments.
Inscription fee : 40 euros (adults), 20 euros (youngsters under 20), free for IM, GM and FIDE Masters. Special conditions for IM and GM, contact us at open@bethunechess.com
For more information visit: http://www.bethunechess.com

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