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Code:  12659
Name:  Icelandic Invasion
Type:  Game/30 Swiss
Beginning Date:  18-Jun-2004
Period:  June 18-19
City:  Winnipeg
Country:  Canada
State:  Manitoba
Contact:  cecil rosner
Internet Site:  http://www.chessmanitoba.com
E-Mail:  cecilrosner@shaw.ca
Information:  No fewer than six Icelandic grandmasters have confirmed they are coming
to Winnipeg to play in a unique event. It's all part of a festival to
celebrate 60 years of the Icelandic Republic and 100 years of home rule for
the former Danish colony. Members of the Icelandic national theatre group,
along with other cultural ambassadors, also plan to be in Manitoba for the
The tournament will be held June 18-19 at the University of Winnipeg.
The eight-round Swiss will be organized as a Game/30 event, with three
rounds on Friday night and the remaining five on Saturday.

The grandmasters in attendance are: Johann Hjartarson, Margeir
Petursson, Helgi Olafsson, Jon L. Arnason, Helgi Ass Gretarsson and Throstur
Thorhallsson. Chess legend and former FIDE president Fridrik Olafsson is
also considering attending.

There will be $6,500 in prizes, with $2,000 for first, $1,000 for
second, $700 for third, $500 for fourth and $300 for fifth. As well, each
class category (Expert and above, A, B, C, D and Unrated) will offer first
and second prizes of $250 and $150.

Entry fee is $40 for adults and $20 for juniors and seniors. No CFC required, as it is unrated. You can enter June 18 from 6-6:30 p.m. at the U of W, with the first round beginning at 7 p.m. Or get a $5 reduction by entering in advance and mailing $35 ($15 for junior/senior) to tournament director Waldemar Schulz, 198 Donwood
Drive, Winnipeg, R2G 0W1.

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