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Code:  12637
Name:  8. Int. Neckar-Open
Type:  Open
Beginning Date:  08-Apr-2004
Period:  08.-12.04.2004
City:  Deizisau (Region Stuttgart)
Country:  Germany
Contact:  Sven Noppes, Uhlandstr. 39, GER-73779 Deizisau
Internet Site:  http://www.neckar-open.de
E-Mail:  open@neckar-open.de
Information:  Greatest Open in Germany 2003: 559 starters/19 GMs
Total Fund: 13000 EUR / 1st prize 2250 EUR

9 rd CH System, 2h40 moves+0,5h end of the match,
Free shuttle service from hotel to the venue

Three different Opens
A-Open (Elo>1800) funds: 10000 EUR
B-Open (Elo<2000) funds: 2500 EUR
C-Open (DWZ<1400) funds: 500 EUR

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