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Code:  12619
Name:  Excelsior Cup 2004
Type:  closed GM & IM
Beginning Date:  08-Jan-2004
Period:  8-16 january
City:  Gothenburg
Country:  Sweden
Contact:  Ari Ziegler
Internet Site:  http://www.chess2chess.com/excelsior04.asp
E-Mail:  ari@schacknytt.com
Information:  Category: X
GM Mihail Marin (ROM) 2536
GM Viktor Gavrikov (LTU) 2560
GM Dorian Rogozenko (ROM) 2517
GM Juan Bellon (ESP) 2425
GM Jonny Hector (SWE) 2515
GM Leif Erlend Johannessen (NOR) 2495
IM Emanuel Berg (SWE) 2489
IM Emil Hermansson (SWE) 2422
IM Viesturs Meijers (LAT) 2499
Johan Hultin (SWE) 2300

The tournament venue will be Hotel Excelsior, Karl Gustavsgatan 9, Phone : +46-31175435

8-16th of January. All rounds starts 15.00.

This will be the strongest tournament in Gothenburg since 1971.
english - http://www.chess2chess.com
swedish - http://www.schacknytt.com

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